For the FIRST TIME in INDIA,KBCC has brought WASHABLE,MAINTENANCE FREE,BEAUTIFULLY AND NATURALLY TEXTURED wallpapers into the market. Because of their wide range of designs, wallpapers play a key role in interior decoration today. Trend in wallpaper designs clearly reflect consumers' demands for a modern. Thanks to the use of PVC, it is now possible to manufacture wallpapers which have these special properties.

Wallpaper is the fastest, most convenient, durable and hassle free wall decoration product across the globe. The most preferred wall finish world over. 70% homes and offices worldwide are wallpapered.

Painting of a space can block it for weeks. KBCCs wallpaper can be applied in just a day. Saving you from the inconvenience of a continuously blocked house or an inactive store or office. KBCC is the smart solution for your walls; with a 90% saving in resources terms of time and usage/business opportunities. KBCCs wallpapers are eminently having a long life. Made from high quality PVC, serviced by authorized contractors, your KBCC comes with a one-year Service Warranty.

Dust and dirt accumulate on a painted walls often leaving marks forever but KBCC's wallpapers are naturally textured, washable and maintenance free. They can be periodically sponge-washed with soap solution and warm water. KBCC offers sponge washing services. A KBCC's wallpapered walls appear clean, fresh and pleasing, reflecting beautiful view at your space.

QnA.    W  here there is dampness & moisture, whether the wallpapers look bad & peeled off?

A.    W  If dampness, moisture or leakage happens accidentally on a normally dry wall then in case of KBCC's wallpapers, it has an extra advantage -:
KBCC's Wallpaper is thickly PVC coated and hence it's resistance to moisture is relatively at least 5 times more than that of the "Paint". Hence, it will stay unaffected for a longer duration than "Paint".
Incase of replacement only the affected portion will have to be replaced (not the entire wall or the entire room). This is thus done at a very nominal cost (provided you have engaged a reputed contracting company who are capable of providing such services.) KBCC's wallpaper has waterproof-paneling system which guarantees moisture free, surface for at least 10 years.

Q.    W  Whether Wallpapers fade out after sometime?
A.    W  It doesn't happen with KBCCs Wallpapers. These are fully guaranteed against fading.

Q.    W  Wallpaper does not provide the choice that paint provides. Not enough variety?
A.    W  KBCC's wallpaper can offer thousands of designs, shades and textures. It's just unbelievable. With a range like this, the product caters to every budget and every taste, with plenty of variety to choose from each price group collection.

Q.    W  Can wallpapers be washed?
A.    W  Yes, PVC Wallpapers from KBCC are fully sponge washable with soap solution and cold water.